About us

who are we

Intelligent Education Technology (IET) was Established with a vision to help enhancing the performance of IT and E-learning industry, also to engage with the students around the world and the best of Educational provider around the globe. (IET) is managed by well expert academicians, Management and Programmers.

Our Vision

Providing comprehensive smart business experiences for our customers across the world.


To provide the best possible technology and education services to our customers and we have strict quality controls to make sure you are getting the best.

Our goals

To Provide Quality services and consultation to students in regards to their majors.

To enable students to enrich their studies and ease the means of receiving knowledge using the latest and best technological ways.

To offer Postgraduate and training programs virtually in collaboration with the best-accredited universities in the major fields.

To compete in the field of IT development by offering IT support and services.