Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD)

The Ph.D. programme is built on a mix of scholar and practical professor. As a result, this programme is primarily focused on training future managers to understand the internal competencies of this specialisation, as well as to add information through dynamic approaches to scientific research that assess, develop, and study evaluation theories and techniques, as well as understanding the basic framework to fully navigate teaching and business practises, as well as investing in skills that clearly support assessment and implementation.

The PhD programme at the Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) is linked with worldwide higher education norms and fulfils European higher education criteria. The curriculum is divided into three major stages: classroom, research laboratory (data gathering and analysis), and doctorate thesis (writing and defense).  The curriculum is divided into three workshops. After completing the first stage of the programme, the student is eligible to go on to the second level, which consists of data collecting, editing, and analysis. The PhD thesis is the program’s third and final level.

The PhD programme lasts three academic years, however it may be finished in less time depending on the student’s willingness to complete the final research.

  • Supported Learning : online guidance for each subject and Dissertation
  • Flexible Study : Learn wherever and whenever you want using IET student platform.
  • 24/7 Accessibility : All learning materials are available online in student portal.

PhD candidates are requested to submit a doctoral thesis, which fulfils the criteria of independent research following acknowledged standards of empirical research. The thesis consists of 70.000 to 80.000 words (+/- 10%). The PhD candidates will defend their thesis through a summarizing presentation.

The PhD Program structure is aligned with international standards of Postgraduate Education and, accordingly, fulfils the criteria of the process of Harmonization of Higher Education in Europe.



  • Research Methodology I
  • Research Methodology II
  • Publish or Perish – Preparing for the Journal Review Process Paper Clinic in General Management Taxonomies and Typologies in Research
  •  Publishing in Management or Technology and Innovation 
  • Final Thesis of your programme
Admission fee (After receiving the offer letter)  300 USD
First semester 1530 USD
Second Semester 1530 USD
Third Semester 1530 USD
Fourth Semester 1530 USD
Fifth Semester 1530 USD
Sixth Semester 1580 USD
Total Tuition Fees 9530 USD
Notary certify in Switzerland 100 USD Pre Request
Apostille certify in Switzerland 100 USD Pre Request
DHL 200 USD Pre Request
Agent 100 USD Pre Request
Total certify  of  certificate 500 USD Pre Request