Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA)

The Doctor of Business Administration accredited from the United States and the European Union gives you more than one new line in your CV as it provides you with a professional gateway to the profession you want, anywhere in the world.

Our DBA program is aligned with international standards of higher education which adheres to all standards of higher education in Europe. The program consists of three consecutive main phases: coursework, research laboratory (data collection and analysis) and doctoral thesis (writing and defense).

The program is presented in three workshops. Passing the first stage of the program “lectures” allows the student to enter the second stage, which is data collection, editing and analysis. The third and final stage of the program is writing the Thesis.

Entry RequirementsMaster’s Degree
Duration Of ProgrammeTwo years
Accreditation And Recognition– International Accreditation by US Higher Education System.
– International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).
– Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).
– National Cortication – Swiss Higher Education EduQua.
– International Recognition International Association of Universities

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24-Months Completion: Graduate with a DBA in two year while studying at a pace that suits your lifestyle and schedule.

25% Coursework: No exams – you will be assessed through written assignments.

75% Dissertation.

  • Supported Learning : online guidance for each subject and Dissertation
  • Flexible Study : Learn wherever and whenever you want using IET student platform.
  • 24/7 Accessibility : All learning materials are available online in student portal.

DBA candidates are requested to submit a doctoral thesis, which fulfils the criteria of independent research following acknowledged standards of empirical research. The thesis consists of 50,000 words (+/- 10%). The DBA candidates will defend their thesis through a summarizing presentation.

The DBA Program structure is aligned with international standards of Postgraduate Education and, accordingly, fulfils the criteria of the process of Harmonization of Higher Education in Europe (Bologna Process).

The doctoral program will require the accomplishment of five taught Research Methods modules as first stage. Only the successful fulfillment of all five modules entitles students to progress to the second stage, the thesis level.

The successful students will acquire 120 ECTS credits throughout the course:

  • 30 ECTS credits through the fulfillment of 5 Research Methods modules (60 ECTS credits per module)
  • 90 ECTS credits through the Doctoral’s thesis

The modules are delivered interactively and are based on actual knowledge and research in this pathway. The “Research Methods” modules are taught via lectures and/or seminars and require student’s attendance. A long-distance learning version will be introduced as alternative form of study as well.

The data collection, the analysis of data and the Doctoral Thesis demonstrating independent empirical research are an evidence of the candidate’s ability and capability to undertake applied defendable and empirical research on the highest level of academic studies.

This program of studies is considered relevant, rich and academically valid thanks to the adoption of the highest standards of Higher Education. Additionally, superior professional standards have been embedded. Learning objectives and module contents are further closely related to the Six Principles of the PRME Framework of the United Nations.

  • Research Methods
  • Quantitative Methods & Survey Design
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Essential Tools
  • Thesis
Admission fee (After receiving the offer letter)  110 USD
First semester 3750 USD
Second Semester 3750 USD
Third Semester 3750 USD
Fourth Semester 3750 USD
Total Tuition Fees 15110 USD
Notary certify in Switzerland 100 USD
Apostille certify in Switzerland 100 USD
Agent 100 USD